Monday, September 3, 2012

CMU Leadership Safari 2012

For the fourth consecutive year, Jet Set Studio traveled to Michigan to manage a gaming event at Central Michigan University.  Each year, CMU hosts an interactive orientation event called Leadership Safari.

On the way to Michigan, we also stopped in Chicago to check out a UMG Call of Duty tournament as we began sharing Tournament Seeker with the public for the first time!

Sub Sonic Social 14

One of the elements of life for Jet Set Studio is electronic music, so when we were asked to manage a small video game element at Sub Sonic Social, we new it would be a raging good time.

Since the event theme was Heroes vs. Villains, we showcased four gaming stations with four different fighting games.  Although the music was the main attraction, attendees enjoyed taking a breather as they beat each other up at this techno-fueled video gaming event.

UGC Niagara

UGC Niagara was the first international video game tournament that Jet Set Studio conceptualized, developed, promoted, and managed.

This large-scale event was an educational fundraiser for the District School Board of Niagara and was a HUGE success in its first year.

Along with tons of exciting video game action, UGC Niagara had a unique educational spin.  The Gamification of Learning Exhibit was a neat opportunity for attendees to learn how video games are being used in the classroom and in real world educational applications.


UGC Niagara had over 500 attendees, awarded players over $30,000 is cash and prizes, and entertained over 475,000 online viewers with a professional live stream.  This competitive gaming tournament was held right on the Niagara Falls in Canada and brought gamers together from all over the region.