Saturday, May 28, 2011

Combo Breaker 2011

Two weeks after The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge, we again connected with Focus Fire at Combo Breaker 2011. This video game event was hosted by Games N Go in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With multiple divisions for the fighting game genre and two divisions for Halo: Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops, this was an action packed event!

The shooter's live stream set.

Combo Breaker 2011 was a decent video game tournament, but the big story was how we took the Focus Fire Justin.TV Channel, which was initially blown up at TIPGC 2011 (134,000+ viewers), to a staggering 836,000+ viewers! MLG Dallas was happening at the same time, but during this two day video game event in Minnesota, these traffic numbers solidified our team's streaming capabilities. It was amazing to see 6,000+ viewers watching the stream at a single time, which also really added to the excitement for players who were competing for such a large online audience!

One of the younger competitors, who was a team leader!

Having fun with the live stream's green screen

BEN commentated both shooter game divisions

BONUS FEATURE: The night before Combo Breaker 2011, BEN experienced the FRONT ROW of DJ Tiesto in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Although this isn't of the normal video gaming flavor, we had to share!
"The Most Dangerous Drink In The World"